These electronic documents are for informational purposes only. The governing documents filed with the Morris County Clerk's office will prevail in any dispute.

Governing Documents Filed with Morris County

Title Description Date Location at County Clerk's Office
Consolidated Governing Docs One PDF containing the governing documents in order 02-FEB-2022
Master Deed Original Master Deed, including original By-Laws (Schedule D) 19-MAY-1978 BOOK 2455  PAGE 0618
1st Amendment to Master Deed and By-Laws Replaces Schedule B, No. 2 of Master Deed and Amends By-Laws (vehicle registrations, sale of units) 26-DEC-1978 BOOK 2489  PAGE 0054
2nd Amendment to Master Deed Updated Master Deed and By-Laws 10-JAN-1980 BOOK 2536  PAGE 0277
3rd Amendment to Master Deed Amends Schedule B, No. 2 30-APR-1980 BOOK 2548  PAGE 0214
Amendment to By-Laws 15-NOV-1990 BOOK 3367  PAGE 0313
Amendment to By-Laws use of family units - internal changes 26-FEB-1991 BOOK 3404  PAGE 0247
Amendment to By-Laws windows and exterior doors 11-FEB-1993 BOOK 3725  PAGE 0053
4th Amendment to Master Deed systems, fixtures, etc. 11-FEB-1993 BOOK 3725  PAGE 0055
5th Amendment to By-Laws parking of vehicles 05-AUG-1994 BOOK 4027  PAGE 0296
5th Amendment to By-Laws staggered elections 13-MAY-1999 BOOK 4974  PAGE 0080
6th Amendment to By-Laws fines 02-MAR-2001 BOOK 5335  PAGE 0278
7th Amendment to By-Laws rules regarding pets 21-JUN-2001 BOOK 5399  PAGE 0029
8th Amendment to By-Laws adding uniform system of fines 30-AUG-2001 BOOK 5451  PAGE 0207
9th Amendment to By-Laws rules regarding garbage 04-OCT-2001 BOOK 5478  PAGE 0271
Amendment to By-Laws Attic Fans 11-OCT-2007 BOOK 21268 PAGE 1465
Amendment to By-Laws  Amends Article III section 5 7-APR-2009 BOOK 21268 PAGE 1465
10th Amendment to By-Laws Board members 28-MAY-2014 BOOK 22536 PAGE 2016
12th Amendment to By-Laws parking of commercial vehicles 28-MAY-2014 BOOK 22537 PAGE 1
14th Amendment to By-Laws amends Article III, Section 1 28-MAY-2014 BOOK 22537 PAGE 3
Amendment to By-Laws system of fines 27-MAY-2014 BOOK 22536 PAGE 1228
15th Amendment to By-Laws Amends Article III, Sections 1 and 6 20-JAN-2015 BOOK 22664 PAGE 1191
18th Amendment to By-Laws Amends Article III Section 5 16-APR-2019 BOOK 2445 Page 618
Amendment to By-Laws Capital Contribution 21-APR-2019 BOOK 21272 PAGE 4


Wood Patio Unit Resolution, Patio Bed/Deck Maintenance, Wood Decks - October 8, 1980

Alternative Dispute Resolution and System of Fines - May 23, 2001

Collection Policy and Procedures - August 15, 2001

Propane Gas Grills - March 21, 2002

Requiring Disclosure of Occupancy - June 12, 2002

Requiring Storage of Firewood - June 12, 2002

Installation of Antennas and Satellite Dishes - February 13, 2003

Prohibiting Smoking in the Pool Area - February 13, 2003

Prohibiting Bird Feeders - February 13, 2003

Amending and Supplementing Resolution Regarding Alternative Dispute Resolution

Excess Income Applied to the Following Year's Assessments Revenue Ruling 70-604

Collection of Delinquent Assessments

Playing Drums

Retaliatory Conduct - June 12, 2003

Storage of Items in Yards or Driveways

Regarding Confidentiality Agreement for Trustees - February 17, 2005

Removal of Holiday Decorations

Establishing a Code of Conduct for Committee Members - February 16, 2006

Alternative Dispute Resolution - October 9, 2012

Alternative Dispute Resolution - February 19, 2013

Front Door Color - February 4, 2020

Signs - October 27, 2020

Parking & Towing - February 1st, 2023