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Special Board Meeting - March 23rd 2023 @ 6pm [read more] 
2023 Assessment Increase [read more] 12-30-2022

Board Meetings
The Board of Trustees meets the fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00PM in the Pool Cabana.  Should you plan to attend, it is advisable to contact the management office on the day of the meeting to confirm that there has been no unexpected cancellation or change.

2023 Schedule

January 24th 
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February 28th
Meeting Agenda
March 28th
April 25th
Annual Meeting
May 23rd
June 27th

July 25th

August 22nd
September 26th

October 24th

November 28th
December 19th 

Garbage Reminder
Borough of Wharton has mandated that all trash be put to the curb in garbage cans with lids fitted on the garbage cans.  Fines may be levied by the Borough of Wharton to those residents who are not in compliance.


Reminder: No Overnight Parking in Turnarounds
Residents are requested to refrain from using the parking turnarounds for long term parking of their vehicles.


Reminder: Pick up after your pets
An increased amount of pet waste has been noticed on the grass.  Please remember to pickup after your pets.  Thank you.


Bear Information
Black bears have been known to visit us a few times a year during the day and night.  Please click here to read the Black Bear Encounter Rules.


Tennis Courts
Please remember to lock the tennis courts when you are finished playing.  If you need the combination to the lock, please contact Matrix Property Management.


The Association prohibits solicitation within the complex.  For your safety, should you see someone soliciting, it is advised you contact the local police.

Matrix After Hours Emergency Number908-852-0064


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